The Pregnancy Loss and Infant Death Alliance (PLIDA) has a unique purpose: to provide a formal network and a unified international presence to increase awareness and education focused on the emotional experiences and needs of bereaved families. PLIDA’s goal is to be the central place for caregiving professionals, parent-advocates, members of the media and policy makers to share information on the professional care of families experiencing a perinatal loss. PLIDA also organizes the biennial International Perinatal Bereavement Conference (www.perinatalbereavementconference.org) .

Prior to PLIDA’s official establishment in 2002 there were many groups and individuals working in isolation. Each had similar missions and often held their own conferences for members. There was recognition that by working together we could become a unified voice and champion for the provision of professional perinatal bereavement services. Initial organizaions included RTS-Resolve Through Sharing/Bereavement Services, Share Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support, Pen Parents, the Infant Loss Center and the National Association of Perinatal Organizations, along with many others. Many of these organizations continue to be strongly involved in the leadership of PLIDA today.

Who are PLIDA members and what are the benefits of membership?
Our membership consists of like-minded people in many fields who all share mission that bereaved families deserve professional perinatal bereavement care. Professions include physicians and nurses in the area of obstetrics, pediatrics, neonatal intensive care and palliative care, social workers, childlife specialists, obstetric radiologists and imaging technicians, chaplains, lactation consultants, counselors, psychologists, researchers, university-level educators, parent advocates, among many others. Join now!

What draws people in?
While some professionals have teams and colleagues in their work place, others work as in isolation, perhaps as the only champion of perinatal bereavement services for miles around. Together or in isolation, we are drawn together as a group that “speaks the same language.” We are champions of our work, foster development help organize our efforts, work toward the standardization of care of families, share resources and support, and foster continuing professional education. We strive to create institutional change by speaking in a unified voice. For more information on membership, click here!

What are the benefits of membership?
What do you get for your membership dues? Membership fees at this time are $65 for a one-year membership. Some of the benefits received are:

  • Networking at its finest
  • Access to Members-Only Online Discussion Board
  • Access to Perinatal Hospice/Bereavement-Focused Position Statements
  • Multiple Educational Opportunities
  • Voting Priveleges for Board during Bi-Annual Renewal Years
  • Ability to be Nominated and Run to be a Board Member
  • Discounted Conference Rates
  • Receiving Members-Only E-Blasts through email of pertinent PLIDA news as well as interesting information regarding the Conference/Conference Location
  • Two complimentary PLIDA label pins with each new registration
  • Ability to volunteer for one of our multiple committees depending what your interests are (education, fundraising, media and marketing, governance, etc.)

These are only some of the multiple benefits from having a membership, with amazing networking and educational opportunities being the best. With the leading professionals in the bereavement community being members, the amount of knowledge that can be obtained through access to the online discussion boards and the e-blasts is something that can rarely be obtained in another organization. Whether you are a professional in a large metropolitan city, a caregiver in a small rural town, or somewhere in between, the comfort of knowing that you always have somewhere you can go to to ask questions and receive answers is not only worth the membership dues, it is priceless!

How to get more involved
First and foremost, the number one way to be more involved is to become a member. Once you have that out of the way, you can be just as involved as you want! PLIDA has several committee that are chaired by current Board Members. Not only is this a fantastic way to get involved, but it is also a really terrific way to get to know your members that are running PLIDA!

PLIDA Committees

Media, Marketing, and Membership
Conference Planning

If you are an active member and are interested in volunteering with one of the mentioned committees, click here to download the application. Once completed, e-mail to summer.hepler@plida.org

Thank you so much for your interest!


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