PLIDA Launches Call for Proposals for Educational Webinar Series: Connecting Through Distance and Diversity
Expanding Our Reach: Addressing Emerging Issues In Perinatal Bereavement

The 2021 PLIDA Perinatal Bereavement Webinar Series will allow stakeholders an opportunity to explore new and developing issues in perinatal bereavement such as maternal death, racial and cultural disparities, subsequent pregnancy following loss, and the provision of bereavement support in locations such as emergency departments and operating rooms. 

Click here to download a PDF of the Call for Proposals

The Pregnancy Loss and Infant Death Alliance’s Education Committee, in collaboration with the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee, is seeking presenters for the 2021 Perinatal Bereavement Webinar Series, “Connecting Through Distance and Diversity,” that reflects the theme of Expanding our reach: Addressing emerging issues in perinatal bereavement. Presenters are invited to share evidence-based clinical practice, research, and experiential opportunities with an interprofessional audience. Presenters will include diversity, inclusion, health care equity, and/or anti-racism in their content.

      I. Webinar Series objectives

  • Identify potential causes of disparity in neonatal and maternal mortality rates among varying populations. 
  • Explore ways of increasing inclusivity in perinatal bereavement care to families.
  • Explore ways of increasing inclusivity/diversity among health care provider teams. 
  • Discuss ways of translating research findings into clinical practice.
  • Provide opportunities for relationship building among parent advocates, educators, clinical care providers, and researchers.
  • Describe principles and practice of self-care.

     II. Review Criteria

 Proposals will be reviewed by members of the Education Committee using these criteria:

  • Topic is innovative and relevant to perinatal bereavement care.
  • Presenter includes content that highlights health equity, diversity, inclusion, and/or anti-racism.
  • Submission focuses on one or more of these areas: clinical practice, research, education, and/or advocacy.
  • Time allocation and presentation content are well organized. 
  • Presenter has appropriate and relevant presentation experience.
  • Learning objectives are measurable (i.e., using verbs such as discuss, describe, list, explain; avoid the verb “understand”).
  • Participants are likely to have significant interest in the session.


  • The series will consist of 5 webinars scheduled April through November 2021. They will take place on April 15, May 20, September 16, October 21, and November 18. We are unable to accommodate specific requests for presentation scheduling, so speaker must be available for at least two dates. The webinar is presented live and will include time for questions.
  • Speaker must also be available for a webinar rehearsal session with Event (webinar) Planners, one week prior to their scheduled presentation.  
  • Submission is limited to a maximum of 2 speakers per proposal. All speakers are required to be present during the webinar.
  • Speakers must have access to Speaker will email handouts (pdf) to organizers two days prior to the rehearsal session.
    • a computer with camera and microphone
    • Internet service
    • Zoom platform
    • pleasant lighting (e.g., daylight, an “O” ring light), and a designated quiet space to conduct the webinar
  • Speaker will receive an honorarium of $500. Two speakers will divide that amount. 
  • Sessions will be recorded and available to view through the PLIDA website (for member purchase).


“Connecting Through Distance and Diversity” planners are looking for proposals on the following topics: 

  • Anti-racism advocacy in perinatal palliative care
  • Bereavement support at different times of childbearing (prenatal, labor & delivery, postpartum, subsequent pregnancy)
  • COVID-related effects in perinatal care and bereavement
  • Disparities in perinatal care/bereavement support in underserved maternal populations (LGBTQ+, BIPOC-identifying, gestational carriers)
  • Evaluation of systemic racism as a barrier to implementation of perinatal palliative care practices
  • Maternal death
  • Perinatal and neonatal palliative care
  • Self-care, caregiver grief or suffering in perinatal care, moral distress
  • Traumatic or complicated bereavement
  • Types of loss (miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal, infant death)


Please complete the following forms and submit as your proposal: 

Educational Planning Table

GAP Analysis Form

Biographical and Conflict of Interest Form (one per speaker*)

  • The Educational Planning Table, GAP Analysis Form, and Biographical and Conflict of Interest Form are required to award continuing education credits. PLIDA Educational Specialist will be applying for continuing education credits for nurses, social workers, psychologists/therapists, and physicians. 
  • Webinar presentations must include 15 minutes for audience questions as part of this 75-minute session.
  • All forms must be typed; handwritten documents will not be accepted.
  • Submission is limited to a maximum of 2 speakers per proposal.
  • Webinar planners will not review incomplete, incorrect, or late submissions. 
  • Please submit completed forms via email to [email protected] by March 9, 2021

*Note: PLIDA recognizes highest completed degrees only. Please do not use degree candidacy in your credentials [e.g., DNP(c)]. This is standard practice in most universities and colleges as a way of recognizing the work that goes into degree completion. 

   VI. Notification of Decision:

Those who submit a proposal will receive email notification of the reviewers’ decision no later than March 16, 2021. Those selected to present a webinar will receive an agreement and presenter information packet with the notification. 

 VII. Webinar Schedule

April 15, 2021 
May 20, 2021
September 16, 2021 
October 21, 2021 
November 18, 2021