PLIDA Position Statements advocate for parents’ emotional needs and the provision of compassionate, relationship-based care. They can be used to increase awareness, educate others, inform policy, sustain supportive programs, or encourage change.  Full document available for PLIDA Member.

1. Bereaved Parents’ Right to Self-Determination Regarding Their Baby (© 2008; revised 2016)

2. Delaying Postmortem Pathology Studies (© 2006; revised 2016)

3. Infection Risks Are Insignificant When Parents Have Contact with Their Baby After Death (© 2005; revised 2016)

4. Lactation After Perinatal Loss Requires Education and Specialized Care (© August 2016)

5. Offer the Baby to Bereaved Parents with Relationship-Based Care (© 2008; revised 2016)

6. Pregnancy After Perinatal Loss Requires Unique Care (© August 2016)

7. Pregnancy Termination Following Adverse Fetal or Maternal Diagnosis (© August 2016)

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