Poster Presentations

Professionals will join us for IPBC's Poster Presentations. This is your opportunity to hear and talk with experts. View and discuss the following featured posters:

Rural Perinatal Loss: A Needs Assessment
Julie S. Domogalla, MS

Using Creative Expression with Grieving Parents and Families
Holly Farmer, MA, LMHC and Lisa Haines, MSW 

Professional Boundaries: When Lines Blur Between the Professional’s Power and the Families Vulnerability
Judy Friedrichs DNP, RN

Remembrance Photography as a Best Practice in Perinatal Loss Populations
Gina Harris, MNM and Missy Thomas, MSA

Factors Predicting Post-Mortem Evaluation After Stillbirth
Carrie Henry, MSN, CNM, Melinda Higgins, PhD, MS and Mi-Kyung Song, PhD, RN, FAAN

Pregnancy and Infant Loss: A Survey of Families’ Experiences in Ontario, Canada
Michelle La Fontaine, BAA, CLS and Megan Fockler, RN MPH 

Parents’ Experience of Continuing a Pregnancy after the Diagnosis of a Fetal Life Limiting Condition: A Qualitative Systematic Review
Stephanie J. Lelond, RN BN CNS, Graduate Student and  Dr. Roberta Woodgate, RN, PhD, CRC Tier 1

The Pregnancy Research Project: Your Role in Improving Pregnancy Care
Lindsey J. Wimmer, CPNP, PHN, CPLC